Our firm

Dear Sirs,

for 40 years I have taken up manufactoring buttons. In sixtieth the button production was the hand-made process. I cooperated with italian firms Bonetti and Giussi, which become to produce the automatic machines for buttons. In 1989 I started the trade-production firm Galmex2. Thanks to asspecially kidness of the owner of italian firm LAMPA - Mr. Bertoli, I had possibility to develop my firm and to start the production of the row-matrial for making polyester buttons. In 1995 we start together with mr. Bertoli a company named LAMPOL, which produced buttons of polyester. Galmex2 and Lampol are working on surface of 1000m2 and they are equiped with modern automatic machines of italian firms Bonetti and Giussi.
Possibilities of production: Corp. Galmex2 - 8 tons of buttons monthly, Corp. Lampol - 5 millions of buttons monthly.
I produce buttons of every choice: shirt, clothing, blouse, coating and particular with buttonholes or with foot, standard sizes and unlimited colours. We are able to produce any sample of buttons to special order.
My many years experience ond my own production of row material garantee the high quality of goods.

We invite you to cooperate!

m.sc. ing. Stanislaw Mlynarczyk
The owner